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County Louth is the small county located in the north Leinster and is steeped in myth, legend and history, going back to the pre-historical days of the Táin Bó Cúailnge.

The counties two main towns, Drogheda and Dundalk and are officially the largest two in Ireland according to the 2006 census. Drogheda, situated on the River Boyne is a lively place with a thriving arts scene and a tragic history. It started out as two Viking settlements spanning the Boyne, by the 15th century had become an important trading centre. The only remains of its fortified walls are the impressive Butter Gate and St Laurence's Gate. Dundalk, Louth's county town, which is home to the St. Patricks Cathedral was the northern limit of the English-controlled Pale and has always been something of a frontier town. North east of Dundalk is the remote Cooley Peninsula and its main village, Carlingford, offers great views of the Mourne Mountains.

County Louth is also home to many remains of Norman castles, abbeys and fortified homes; such as Ireland's largest fortified medieval tower house in Ardee, the ruins of hilltop Castle Roche near Dundalk, Cistercian abbey at Mellifont and at Monasterboice, Martello Tower and Beaulieu House.

There are many roads routes that the run through County Louth. The M1 is the main route which connects Dublin and Newry. The N2 Motorway which connects Cavan and Dublin is also close by, running alongside the south of the county. County Louth also has a number of railway stations situated on the Dublin to Belfast and Northern Commuter lines.

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